The Restoration Project

The Historic Organ Restoration Committee (HORC) is a 501c3 chartered by the state of New Jersey for the restoration and preservation of the two pipe organs of Historic Boardwalk Hall. In addition to the actual physical restoration of the instruments, HORC seeks to educate and increase awareness of the unique importance of these instruments as irreplaceable national treasures through programming and tours throughout the year. The large organ (main auditorium) is the world’s largest musical instrument, the smaller instrument (Adrian Phillips Theater) is one uniquely suited to the interpretation of the silent film.

HORC was formed by the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition on February 13, 2004, for the solicitation of funds for the restoration of the pipe organs of Atlantic City Convention Hall (now Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall).

HORC is governed by a board of 8 trustees:

  • Curt Mangel
  • Larry Sieg
    Vice President
  • Chuck Gibson
  • Dennis Cook
  • Joseph Fusco
  • Kristin Ross
  • Vicki Gold Levi
  • Thomas Sykes

HORC seeks to demonstrate the singular capabilities of the unique musical treasures of Boardwalk Hall and raise awareness for the need for additional funds to complete the project of the restoration of both organs to their original musical capabilities. 16 million dollars is needed over the next 10 years to return both organs to fully functional.

Currently, the past several years of work have allowed the Main Auditorium Organ to regain 50% of its functionality and the Adrian Phillips Theater organ to be 95% playable and 75% restored. The use of these instruments for programming such as outlined above, allows us to make people aware of the presence of the instruments within the building. The instruments otherwise are not necessarily visually obvious to guests of Boardwalk Hall as they are enclosed within the walls and ceilings of the building.

The long-range plan of HORC is to complete the restoration of these two instruments and return them to full functionality. At our current rate of funding, we anticipate this to be 2023, but this may change. These instruments are slowly, but surely returning to the daily operations of the building and can be heard in numerous concerts and shows at Boardwalk Hall. HORC will continue to promote an increase of tourist interest and awareness of what has recently best been described as “The Sonic Mt. Rushmore”.

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