moe. + Railroad Earth

Adrian Phillips Theater


moe. is the preeminent progressive rock band on the music scene today—a quintet

of world class musicians, whose creative output equals that of their longevity. In a

remarkable career that has touched three decades and produced a discography of

24 albums, the Sugar Hill Records recording artist of Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey

on guitars and vocals, Rob Derhak on bass and vocals, Jim Loughlin on percussion

and vibes, and Vinnie Amico on drums, continue to push the standard for

performance art higher and further.

Whether touring around the globe, headlining music festivals, or sharing the stage

with such diverse acts as the Allman Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, The Who,

Robert Plant, Government Mule, or Blues Traveler, among many others, what keeps

moe. at the forefront of the music scene is not only the energy and vitality of their

music and songwriting, but the showmanship in which it is delivered. Their music is

clever, melodic, refined, filled with “ferocious guitar riffs” and “intricate rhythms”

(Relix); their performances are entertaining, mesmerizing, and epic.


Ultimately, Railroad Earth’s music is driven by the remarkable songs of front-man, Todd Sheaffer, and is delivered with seamless arrangements and superb musicianship courtesy of all six band members. As mandolin/bouzouki player John Skehan points out, “Our M.O. has always been that we can improvise all day long, but we only do it in service to the song. There are a lot of songs that, when we play them live, we adhere to the arrangement from the record. And other songs, in the nature and the spirit of the song, everyone knows we can kind of take flight on them.” Sheaffer continues: “The songs are our focus, our focal point; it all starts right there. Anything else just comments on the songs and gives them color. Some songs are more open than others. They ‘want’ to be approached that way – where we can explore and trade musical ideas and open them up to different territories. But sometimes it is what the song is about.”

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  • Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 8:00PM Cal
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